My trip to Graz

2007-07-23 by xpheas
Last weekend i visited a friend of mine in Graz.
I was pretty much stressed out (after a hard and long week of work) when I started my trip to Graz after work on friday.
I think it was 14.30 PM when I drove home, packed my bag,
entered the target address into "TomTom" (GPS Navigation-System) and started.
A few hours later I arrived...
At night we checked out the nightlife, irish-pub, alternative-club (for insider: like Filiale in FE, but pretty much bigger) and of course some sightseeing.

At the next day we played Paintball with some other guys (first time for me and most of the others).
It was a little too hot (35°C) but so much fun, much more then playing Counter-Strike, because getting shot with paintballs hurts.

Well, it was a pretty funny weekend.

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2007-07-23 by nebula
Mi casa es su casa.
You are always welcome dude !

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